Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Weather outside is....

Since our last post we have seen rain, snow, ice, some very chilly nights and some lovely sunny days! Hopefully you all stayed safe, warm and dry and have had a chance to come out and ride in-between snow days. There is a possibility that we may have some interesting weather this winter so some winter tips for the barn:

1) Our hill is SLICK. If it starts to snow while you are out riding, feel free to end things quickly if you are concerned about making it down the hill. Although we don't encourage you to leave your horse wet and chilly, keep an eye on the weather and make your ride shorter if you need the time to get down the hill safely.

2) Coming up the hill isn't too much easier. If you are concerned about being able to make it out to ride your horse or take your lesson, feel free to call. A happy barn is one filled with safe and happy clients, so don't worry about sending a text or calling to check on conditions. We can, quite often, have more snow and ice up here than they do "down below", so feel free to check. We do continue to teach and ride in the colder weather, but if you can't make your lesson due to icy roads, let us know as soon as possible.

3) When it gets cold, we turn the water off down at the barn - this keeps our pipes from breaking in the chill and keeps the water flowing during the day. If you are at the barn in the evening after we have closed or in the morning before we have started the hoses up, expect to not have running water and plan accordingly. You can bring some bottled water or cleaning wipes for your tack and there is hand sanitizer in the tack room.

4) Parking! Tis the Season for the neighbors to get their Christmas display up and running! Hopefully you will all enjoy the chance to get to see (& hear) it, but please remember, as we get closer to the holidays, it can get busy up there at night. It is important, if you are the last one out of the gates in the evening to close them behind you - otherwise we can get a lot of people thinking we are a parking lot for the event. If there aren't any cars up top when you go to leave, just close the gates - if you aren't sure, feel free to ask.

5) Our pastures will get snowy, but generally not slippery - however, the same is not true for some of the pathways - the one down to the barn in particular. There is a yearly stream that runs down the hill and it can make for ice under the snow - please walk carefully down to the barn - even after the snow has gone - just in case.

6) Riding in the snow! Although this sounds romantic and fun, remember snow can be slippery! Feel free to take your horse for a nice hand walk if you would like, but keep his (and your!) safety in mind! We don't want any ice injuries!!

As always - any questions - just ask!

We also have some other fun events:

The Susie Hutchinson Clinic - this was a great weekend for all horses and riders! Hopefully you had a chance to come out and audit and if you didn't, never fear, we took some great notes and will be practicing all of it on YOU!! Winter lessons are all about flat work and details as we prepare our horses for the 2011 show season - expect to work hard on the "little things" this winter!

Year End Awards - the results are in and, once again, Team Sundance had a great turn out for the WSHJA awards - the highlight going to Chelsea and Farley who were Champions in the 1.0M jumpers for the year! This division was HUGE so we are very excited that these two were able to dominate - even with a run in with hives for poor Farley!! Great job to them and everyone else who placed in the Top 10 for the end of the year - look for your name in lights coming soon to a magazine near you!!

Holiday Party - it's back!! We will be having our yearly Holiday Party at Katherine's house on Saturday, December 18th. The fun starts at 7pm and includes the annual SE Year-End awards for Most Improved Rider and the Sportsmanship award, as well as a slideshow and lots of yummy treats. Mark your calendars now!

The 2010 Survey - this is our yearly survey which we ask you to all fill out so we can plan the 2011 show calendar. This is YOUR chance to let us know what shows you liked/didn't like and which ones you want to go to in 2011. This is also a great time to talk to your trainers about YOUR goals, so start thinking on what it is you want to do with your horse in 2011 and beyond and fill out at survey ASAP. Look for the link on the Sundance Facebook page ASAP.

Lastly, we have started our plans for our final two fields up by the parking lot. If you see some posts sticking out of the ground up there, don't move them!! We have measured the fields out and are preparing to order supplies this month and are excited about having more fields for our horses to enjoy!

Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season - and, as a personal plug, that you have all had a chance (or will make the time!) to go out and cheer on the drummers (Nicholas in particular) at Snowflake Lane at Bellevue Square. It runs every night from now until the New Year at 7pm and is a fun, Christmas Cool Holiday event! 

See you at the barn!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's raining, it's falling....

Well, we've had a nice break from all that wet stuff and all of our horses enjoyed just a little bit more outside time before the weather kicks in again. Looks like we may have a few wet days coming our way, but the horses are all looking sharp in their fall clothes. We may have to get warmer layers for next month, but don't panic yet - we will wait and see what December holds!

Speaking of winter clothes - Sinatra/Titan received a wonderful donation from the folks at S.A.F.E. and now gets to join the rest of the Sundance crew with a nice warm blanket for outside - as a side note, we are hoping he may stay a little cleaner - however, if he talks to Phalcon, he'll find a way to be just as dirty even with the clothes! Never the less, we love his new blanket! We are thinking about using some of Danika's hard earned cash for him to invest in a cooler unless someone has a pony cooler they would like to donate - just let us know - we are always up for Titan donations!

With the rain committing, we have closed the grass gates for the winter to allow the grass to get strong for next year. Never fear, they will be open again once the weather clears up, the leaves get cleaned up and the grass gets a nice strong foot hold. The horses aren't convinced, but seem to all have accepted their shortened turn outs for the winter with a good attitude - they know it'll be back! In other winter projects, thanks to the efforts of our great Sundance Team, with the hill being weeded, we have purchased all sorts of new plants from Vibrant Plants to get out there. Expect to see some new greenery this week - and fewer weeds next year!

With the winter months coming, now is the time to get out there and get educated!! It can be hard to keep motivated and focused on your riding goals during the off season, but there is never a better time - you don't want to start behind the ball in 2011! Make sure you ride or audit at least ONE clinic before the show season in February starts. We have three riders for the upcoming Susie Hutchinson clinic, so that would be a great one to come out and support your teammates and see what Susie has to say. The flier will be posted in the barn, so check it out and get signed up to watch at least some of the clinic - consider it your horse homework!

It is also that show time of year for those of you interested in Thermal - and if you can't show there, you should consider coming down to watch. Thermal is a show unlike any of the shows we can offer here in WA and an amazing chance to see some of the best riders our sport has to offer. If you are interested in showing, make sure you talk to the staff ASAP - if you are interested in coming down to watch - try and coordinate your dates with us so you have a chance to hang out with your barn buddies at some of the great events they host at the show.

In other barn news, in order to keep up with the "continuing education" theme, Jasmine went down to OR to visit Rich Fellers at his barn, Whip n' Spur, in Wilsonville and had the chance to buddy it up with Flexible and McGuiness - make sure to ask her all about her experience!! She had the opportunity to jump outside over the banks, table top and wooden gates and came home fired up and ready to head to the show in CA next year - hopefully she'll get the chance to travel back down there again before the show season starts.

As the holidays approach, if you have been thinking of a gift for your favorite horsey fan, now is a great time to order barn jackets and other items for the show season for both horse and rider. If you are looking for ideas, check with Staff and we will be more than happy to help get that information out to you - we have people clothes and horse clothes that will get you prepared not only to be awesome in 2011, but look as good as you feel!

Hope to see you all out at the barn - remember, with holidays, etc. during this month the schedule is a little bit different so please check with Staff about any potential date conflicts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well, the sun has kept shinning and even blessed us with a beautiful day for our annual work party - and what a lot what got done!! So many Sundancers came out and worked so hard that the barn pretty much sparkled with the extra attention! Jumps have been painted, the weeds are all off the hill, the wire has been re-strung, and five years of dust and disorderly have been swept away from the upstairs storage area - it's a whole new world out there! Thanks to all of you who came out and spent the day making YOUR barn the best barn in town!

Toby also joined the Sundance team this last month. He is Chelsea's new jumper horse and an adorable gentleman as well. We have been enjoying getting to know him and Maia and he are plotting all sorts of fun rides for Chelsea - as all good children do!

In other barn news, the Susie Hutchinson Clinic is coming up in November- if you want to ride or audit the clinic, touch base with us now as we have pricing and more details. Registration forms are due soon, so let us know if you'd like to spend your Thanksgiving weekend learning even more about your favorite sport! The winter is a great time to go and check these things out - make sure you get to at least one before show season starts!

The weather is beautiful, but chilly, and the horses are staying warm and dry with their sheets on full time now. We may look at warmer clothes next month depending on the weather trends - we will update everyone as we get closer to the end of the month.

On the horse front, everyone seems to be doing well. Mexico is getting the hang of her new home and has settled into the routine very nicely. Boo is about to graduate to full turn out this week and we are all super excited to see her get to be a "real" horse like the rest of her barn buddies. Pink wound up getting a great 1/2 lease with Elizabeth and her daughter Aly and is enjoying getting a little spoiled. She is still looking for someone to grab the other "1/2" so if you've been dying to lease a super cute pony, this is your chance! Titan/Sinatra continues his amazing riding routine - he is super quiet and is working hard toward becoming the perfect kids' horse in the future - hopefully he can find a fun home soon! The other horses are doing well - lots of flat work during the week now as we get ready for next season by staying in shape, keeping those legs strong and healthy, and challenging those horse minds with fun exercises for mind and body!

With November on the way, make sure to check with staff about some upcoming schedule changes for holidays and other staff events during the month and make sure to come on out & enjoy your clean and shinny barn!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good News, Bad News...

Well, the one thing that we all share in common with all of our other horse owners, friends and barn managers is that we have our good days, and our bad days - we just all hope the bad days are few and far between!

On the plus side, we just came home from another great Gold Creek show, where our riders and horses went out and put down some great rides in all of the divisions in which we rode. We had several new riders to the barn and even some showing for the first time and we were pleased to come home with a lot of great ribbons - including 2 Championships - 1 in Crossbars for Bailey; 1 in Pre-Children's Hunters with Aly and 1 Reserve Championship for Ella in the Tiny Hunter Division. All 3 Championships were won with Cookie who brought her "A" game and showed off what makes her a barn favorite. Both Cookie and Finesse were great and Maia also moved up a level into the 2' division for the first time and earned some more 1st place ribbons in her flat classes - she is doing great and getting lots of experience for her 2011 show season! Go Baby Horse!!

Unfortunately, this last week both Finesse and Cookie came up lame. They are both enjoying some well deserved time off to heal and will get to see the vet on Monday to make sure they get on the road to recovery ASAP. We are fortunate enough that Pink/Dia has been able to step up and fill some pretty big shoes with the help of both Farley and Wally who have stepped in for a lesson or two. Hopefully our regular ladies are up and running soon, but how lucky are we to have such great horses in the barn that the mares can get a break to heal!

Horse show season is dwindling to a close. We are still looking to see if anyone is interested in the Gold Creek show in October on the 29th & 30th, and are, of course, looking for folks to sign up for the barn work party this month on the 17th . It's work, but it is fun and a great time to come out and help get your barn ready for winter and next spring. We'll be painting jumps, pulling weeds and lots of general clean up - make sure you come out, help and hang out with your barn teammates! We are also looking to go to the Susie Hutchinson clinic in November - if you are interested in riding or auditing the clinic, let us know ASAP so we can get you on the list. Clinics are a great way to see some of our top riders and hear their feedback and ideas, so come on out and watch and cheer on your teammates that are riding!

In other barn news, Boo has graduated to cantering and longer turn out times. She is practically a "normal" horse now in the program and we are so excited that she is coming along so well. We are hoping to get some ground poles worked into her routine soon and be able to change her turnout to all day like the rest of the horses as well.

Wally's lease with Erica ended which was sad and we were all sorry to see Erica leave. We are hoping, as she is spending time on her new home improvements and additions, that she will come out and get her horse fix every once in awhile so we can visit! However, being the popular boy he is, Wally has a new lease with Teague and we are really excited to see them work together. Wally even stepped up and let Bailey finish her lesson on him this last week, which was a pretty cool ride for her as well. Great Job Wally! We are so proud of how far he has come during his time with us!

Titan/Sinatra had a great week as, with the help of Vera and Aidan, Danika's bake sale was productive and he has a nice savings to draw from for his next item. Ella donated a beautiful indoor sheet for him, which fits him beautifully and we have heard rumors that the folks from SAFE will be bringing him an outdoor sheet as well so he will soon be outfitted the same as the rest of the horses. His riding continues and we even cantered this week - he was very good and seems to enjoy a nice light seat. He is very quiet and with some more miles will be a great project for a kid looking to have a fun pony.

All of the horses had their shots and worming, and Finesse and Pink had their teeth done and Phalcon had his stitches out and returned to work - which was fun for Aidan, but now they both get to get in shape all over again - amazing what a week off will do! But we are glad he is feeling better and it is fun to have Aidan back out at the barn again.

We'll be adding another layer of clothes for the horses next week - check with us if you aren't sure if you have the right clothes for your horse or not. We will also be doing a major cleaning with the work party this month and will be reducing the amount of trunks in the aisle way, so if your things have spread out on their own, take the time to look through and see what you need at the barn and what can go home for the winter.

See you out at the barn!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Horse Show? What?!

Yes, we have officially wrapped up the away season, but for those of you that can't get enough of horse showing fun (who can, really??), Gold Creek is this weekend - hopefully we will see all of you there, either cheering on your teammates or riding in the show ring with us for the first time. We have riders in the X-bars, 2' & 2'3" divisions, so come on out & enjoy the fun! Danika will also be setting up her donation booth for Titan (aka; Sinatra) & his growing stash of items, so come on out and help her sell some goodies for his cause! I would love to see a nice indoor sheet for our boy for the winter!

Speaking of our favorite foster horse: the girth continues to be a success & is holding that saddle firmly in place! After spending the week on the line getting used to saddle and rider, Titan graduated to some trotting and was great. He is very quiet and has relaxed so much - we are so glad we had the time to really work through his fear on the lunge line and it seems to have paid off as Danika was thinking she'd probably need some spurs to get him to actually keep going - a great quality in a kids' horse! Hopefully we'll have some video up on FaceBook soon of him trotting around like a pro - it is fun to see him making such great progress - fingers crossed he can find a home that will keep working with him and enjoy his funny little personality!

As for other barn news, all the horses had their shots on Monday and had their teeth checked. Only two made the list this time around for tooth work and the vet will return on Monday to take care of them, remove Phacon's stitches and give us our Fall wormer - it is nice to get everyone all set up for a healthy winter.

Speaking of winter, although it is nearly impossible to predict the weather in this area, the big fuzzy coats some of the horses are starting to sport make a chilly winter seem likely. Now is a great time to check your winter blanket supplies - right now all of the horses at the barn should have one outside sheet, one inside sheet and a cooler - if the last time you brought a blanket out to the barn was the beginning of the summer, now would be a good time to send them away, get them cleaned and waterproofed before the rain sets in for a stay. Your horse, and the people that touch those blankets, will appreciate it!

In other barn news, Boo has finally been given the go-ahead for some canter work and longer outside time - something we are all excited about for her and her Mom! It is fun to get to have her be able to work like a "real horse" now! All the other horses are working toward the Gold Creek show this weekend or starting on winter projects to prepare for next show year. If you have any interest in riding in a clinic this winter, make sure to let us know - we are considering riding in the Susie Hutchinson clinic in November and it would be a great opportunity for riders to either ride or come out and audit - any interest, let us know and we can get you all the details! Clinics are a great way to hear new ideas and refresh your technique and keep the winter fun and interesting while waiting for the sun to join us again!

Don't forget, the barn work party is October 10th - this is an all day, yearly tradition where YOU get to come out and help make your barn beautiful for winter. Everyone is invited! We will be working on painting the jumps, digging up some weeds and overall cleaning - the more the merrier and the faster the work goes - and yes, there will be food! Sign up in the tack room and just ask if you have questions!

 Make sure you all come out to the barn and enjoy the beautiful fall weather before it goes away for the winter! See you there!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a Girth!

OK, yes, we went to a show and yes, it was super cool, BUT, the big news this week out at the barn is Titan (aka: Sinatra) finally has a girth to call his own!! Thanks to a wonderful donation from his friends at S.A.F.E., we were able to buy him a brand new girth. It is a size 38 - and yes, he probably could use a 36 depending on your saddle - but it fits and the saddles stay on and we are excited to actually get to see a person on his back. We've put him on the line with the saddle on to make sure it would stay in place (it did!) and yesterday, after a short lunge lesson, Danika stepped up into the irons for the first time. We did a nice lead line lesson with him and he was wonderful, so we are super excited to see what is next for our funny guy. Hopefully we get a chance now to put all those hours of getting him broke on the line to transfer to a happy and calm pony under saddle so he can find a wonderful kid to love him forever - needless to say we are excited to see how the next few weeks go for him!

As for the shows, we just returned from our last "away" show at Octoberfest and had a blast! The sun stayed out and the horses were great - including earning 4 Championships and 1 Reserve Championship at the show. Wally was great in his hunter classes - earning a Championship in the Pre-Green Division as well as a 3rd in the Hunter Derby and a 5th in the Open Working Hunter Classic. Nicholas and Finesse moved from the .75 jumpers to the .80 AND .85 jumpers and - outside of winning all their classes on Sunday - were Champions in BOTH divisions. It has been quite a year for those two as they have been Champions at every show they attended this year - wow! Chelsea and Farley had a good show as well, earning a Championship in the .95 division and a Reserve Championship in the 1.00 classes - lots of fun jumps and courses made for good days in the jumper rings for everyone.

Phalcon was hurt when he was lunging and had to sit the show out so we missed him and Aidan during the week, but it looks like he will be better soon and able to get back to work in order to be ready for next season. And Maia attended her very first "A" show and came out and schooled with the "big kids" - no bucking or bad behavior and some impressive jumping in the schooling ring as well made us all excited to see what she can do next season. Now she is preparing to go to Gold Creek and debut in the 2' division next weekend.

Dave and Marla returned with their horses and we got to enjoy some exciting rides with Clover and Webster as they tackled the challenging 1.00 courses - rocks, black and white checker jumps and some wacky turns out there. Overall it was a great show for them - with some good ribbons and even better rides throughout the weekend - and, as always, their great, smiling faces - no matter what! We have been excited to have them join the Team this season.

For everyone else, Gold Creek is next weekend! We are getting ready to show off some fun hunter rounds and take some newer clients to the show - make sure you all come out to partake of Danika's Titan fundraiser at the show! Now that she has a girth, she can look forward to filling out the rest of her wish list for Titan.

Vet day next week means up to date horses at the barn and a well deserved day off for all of our equine buddies on Monday. Make sure to come out and enjoy your horse and the sun while it is still here and stock up on some warm gloves and socks for the cold that is coming soon!!

See you all at the barn!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We Did It!

Well, after months of prep work we loaded up the majority of the horses in the barn and headed out to The Evergreen Classic! With lots of riders and horses ready to go, we enjoyed a lot of great rides, good food (the breakfast sandwiches were a Chelsea favorite!) and fun! Thanks to everyone who came out, rode, played and cheered Team Sundance on during the week! Big thanks to Rory for bringing out his amazing wings for the aisle party and to Amy for the great pizza fest during the Hunter Derby!!  Special congratulations to Emma and Finesse on their Reserve Championship in the jumper ring - Good Job Ladies!!

This coming week we wind up our away show season with Octoberfest at Donida Farms in Auburn. If you aren't riding, head down to watch! We will have riders in both the hunter and jumper rings at this show as well and there will be lots to see. This show packs a lot of classes into 2 days and is a great wrap up for the bigger show circuit. After that we will return to Gold Creek - if you are interested in the September GCEC show make sure to sign up at the barn ASAP!

In other barn news, Pink arrived at the barn in August. Katherine has known Pink for years as she was Candy's horse and then Heidi's and she is now looking for a lease so she can stay at Sundance and play in the Pony Jumpers with Finesse. She is fast and fun and she has pitched in on some lessons as well as getting to play some with Vera as they test the waters for a potential half-lease. If anyone else is looking for a fun Pony Jumper, make sure to let us know!

Boo has graduated to being able to be outside for a bit - something we are all excited about for her! She is sharing a small space in the turnout field and slowly getting more time outside. She has been very good about it and we are delighted that she finally gets to be out of her stall a bit! Fingers crossed she continues on the road to recovery.

In sad barn news, Laura (Wally's Mom) moved to CA this month. But, on the bright side, Wally gets to stay with us and keep playing with Erica - we are so excited to get to keep Mr. Walter in the barn! We are looking forward to seeing him show at Octoberfest and planning on spoiling him rotten while his Mom is away!

All the horses are looking forward to getting their shots updated this month (well, maybe not looking forward to it!) and their teeth checked as well so we can start the Fall off on a nice healthy note! Make sure that your horse has the right clothing out at the barn (check with Staff) and take home any fly masks that you may have had out there - yep, summer is gone! This is also a great time to take home and wash all of your saddle pads!! If you don't want to wash them at home, the Blanket Express will take them for you so just leave them down at the barn - if you aren't sure how to get that done, check with us and we will get it together for you.

Looking forward to Octoberfest and Gold Creek this month! Good luck to All!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Showing Fun!

We are back from another fun horse show down at The Emerald Classic at Donida Farms in Auburn. We had a great time with the horses down there and had some highlights, including Wally's Reserve Champion in the Pre-Green Hunters and Laura's 1st place finish in the Long Stirrup Derby on Sunday! Chelsea and Finesse did well in the .90's & the 1.00 jumpers - even if they weren't crazy about the optimum time - and Marla and her adorable horse, Bud Light, did great as they moved up the jumper divisions to the .90's! Jasmine and Finesse enjoyed a fun relay and placed 3rd as they had the chance to run the course together - they made quite the pair!

Now we are getting ready to go to the Evergreen Classic. Most of the horses will be joining us at the show, so if you are planning on coming out to the barn expect to get the place all to yourself! Hopefully, while we are away showing Javier will have lots of extra time to get the place ready for Fall - yes, Fall is just around the corner - shudder! For now, the horses are enjoying getting to be without blankets and sheets and having the windows open day and night in the barn.

We've had some new students join us and are currently looking for a horse for a couple of students to lease in both the hunter and jumper divisions so hopefully we will have a new horse or pony soon!!

Titan continues to do well on the line. Danika has to get out to the tack stores to buy him a girth, but if you know of anyone who has a small girth they would like to donate, it would be much appreciated - he is definitely ready to do MORE! :)

We've had some interest in the Gold Creek show in August as well, so if this is a show you are thinking about, make sure to let us know now as things will get busy this next month and we want to make sure we have everything planned so nothing falls through the cracks - believe it or not, show season is winding down - but not before a great turn out at the Evergreen Classic - remember, if you aren't showing, we'd love to have you out to cheer everyone on while they show! Go Team Sundance!!

Our big summer barn party is Friday, August 6th at Wild Waves! Hopefully you are planning on coming out and joining us for a day of fun - and hopefully sun! This is our 3rd year at Wild Waves and we do tend to get cooler weather, but nothing deters Team Sundance from making everything we do FUN! Come on out and play!

We will see you at the barn - remember, it is nice and cool out there during the summer so enjoy it!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summertime at the barn

Well, we are back from Thunderbird and getting ready to head off to The Emerald Classic! This is our first year showing at Emerald, so we are excited to see how the show goes!

Thunderbird was a ton of fun - not only in the show ring, but at the exhibitor's bar-b-que and bull riding and the horseless foot race as well! Our group won in both the bull riding and the foot race so we had some other fancy items to add to our Thunderbird weeks - as well as 3 Reserve Championships: Chelsea and Finesse in the .90's, Vera and Finesse in the Pony Jumpers and Aidan and Phalcon in the Short Stirrup Hunters - a great couple of weeks for all!

At home, Farley continues his struggle with his "lumps". He is quite bumpy for anyone who hasn't seen him, but is under the care of several different vets - hopefully they can all decide on what will return him to show form before the shows are over for the year! We are truly blessed to have Finesse to take over for him while he recovers.

Jasmine tried her hand out in the Grand Prix field at Thunderbird - although she was quite sure some of those jumps were out to get her, the experience, over-all, was a good one and hopefully we will get some fun pictures out of it as well!

Titan/Sinatra has progressed so much on the line! We are so exited about him! He is now able to canter calmly and quietly as well as trot like an old pro -we are all very proud of him and the work the Danika and Chelsea have put into him. With the addition of his new bridle, we were able to add the rig into his routine this week - readjusting him to work with bridle and tack in order to prepare for the day we can hop on for real! Danika is planning on trying to raise some more money in order to purchase a girth to fit her saddle - if anyone has a size 40 that they would like to donate or loan to a good cause, we'd love it!

Everyone else is getting ready for the Emerald Classic this coming week, followed by Wild Waves on August 6th and The Evergreen Classic in August - make sure you get signed up at the barn if you haven't already!!

We are breaking out the fly masks and fly spray so that means summer is officially here! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

See you all out at the barn!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Horse Showing Frenzy!

Well, it's been awhile! Things have been busy at the barn lately....

First off, a big "Welcome!" to Boo and her owner Michelle. We have enjoyed getting to know Boo and her family and helping Boo in her re-hab as she increases her trotting. We are all excited to get her to the point where we can try out her canter! She is super cute and seems to be a great neighbor to Wally.

We've also been showing a lot here - we went to another Gold Creek show as well as The Bainbridge Island Classic and are currently up in Canada attending the Thunderbird horse show. Hopefully, if you weren't showing, you had a chance to come out and cheer your fellow Sundancers on while they were showing! Everyone has been quite successful - with Championships for Nicholas and Finesse at Bainbridge, Maia and Danika at GCEC and some fancy ribbons for Phalcon up in Thunderbird this last week. We've also had quite the string of Reserve Championships at Bainbridge for Phalcon, and at GCEC in several different divisions for Grace on Cookie, Ariel on Finesse and Erica on Wally - what a great show month everyone has had! Great Job Team!

Danika was also, with the help of Vera and Aidan, able to raise some money from her Bake Sale for Sinatra/Titan and, with the donation of a bridle from Sue (and the bit from Vera's bridle) we finally have a bridle for Titan! He has started his work on the line with that and we are hoping that Danika raised enough money to purchase a girth soon - and some sun block! Poor Guy - his nose is sensitive to the small amount of sun we have seen! But we are excited to finally get him working under saddle so he can find a permanent home - remember, if you know of someone looking for a horse he is available for adoption!!

We are excited for the 2nd week of Thunderbird starting this week and for the sun to make an appearance - might even be time to get out the fly masks....?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Horse Shows are here!

It was cold, wet and rainy - but it was almost June - what else were we to expect at the Gold Creek Show on May 29th? Despite the wet weather, however, horses and riders had a good day - lots of horse show ups & downs, but a good time was had by all!

Chelsea's horse, Maia, proved to us all that she isn't just a silly baby, and she went out in her Walk/Trot classes with Danika and cleaned house! She was super cute as she trotted around and whinnied her concern at being alone, but not one bad horse moment out there and she won each class she was in and brought home the Championship for the day!

Cookie and Finesse were both fired up - yes, Cookie too! and they greeted the wet weather with enthusiasm! Both mares showed in the 2' division with Aly and Caroline who were moving up to this division for the first time. Both girls brought home some nice ribbons - a couple of firsts for Aly and some seconds for Caroline - and also learned some lessons about remembering your course and keeping that paint mare cantering ALL the way to the fences! But overall the girls did well and the horses had fun.

Lisa also showed at her first show, taking Cookie into the 2'3" division where they did everything from Hunter Hack, flat classes and Over Fences. Cookie, unlike her normal self, continued her speedy ways, but Lisa did a great job working on the walk in her flat classes and keeping Cookie organized for the jumping ones - they had a great first show and placed in all of their classes and, by the end of the day, Cookie remembered she had done this all before and was settled into her happy place - just in time to head home!

In other barn news, Sinatra/Titan has continued to enjoy his time off. He is so quiet you hardly know he is there sometimes and he is just waiting to get his feet trimmed so he is good to go. We are going to test him out on the line again and see if he is feeling 100% again. No new tack on the horizon yet as Danika wasn't able to show and sell cookies at the horse show BUT, Vera donated a bridle that we are going to try & see if it fits. Fingers crossed as it would be great to get to do something with that little guy! He also manged to tear up his sheet as well (it was just too big & finally got tangled) so he will have to add that to his growing shopping list. But otherwise, he is great - happy and hoping to get noticed out there so someone will give him a permanent home!

Barry continued to work on the  burn pile while it wasn't raining and, with that gone, we are hoping to finally spread the dirt up there by the parking lot. We know some kids will miss playing "King of the Hill" on it, but we are excited to see it go! One step closer to more turn out paddocks!

Bainbridge Island horse show is next week, and we are doing Thunderbird show forms this week so check your calendars and sign up to join us at a horse show! That is what summer is for after all!

See you all at the barn!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey - what's the wet stuff in the sky??

Well, the rain returned and it was suddenly cold and wet after such a nice break, but, lucky us, today the sun is out again and the horses are all back out and soaking it up before it disappears!

In Sinatra/Titan news, he is doing great! The lunging is going really well, and, even though he is taking a week off to get some foot care done, we are impressed with what a fast learner he is - he will truly be a great little horse for someone wanting a buddy for anything! He was very soft - even at the canter - the last week and is understanding that the lunge line is a safe place, not a "run and pull" place - yay! Props to Chelsea and Danika for their time and patience while he works on new skills! I hear rumors of a girth coming his way and hopefully, after a very successful bake sale this weekend, maybe a small bridle in his future so he will be dressed and ready to go with his next steps - we are looking forward to doing some line work with him under saddle next!

For the rest of the barn, thanks to the sun, Barry is out chipping away at the massive burn pile out front! The pile has lived with us since the big storm a few years back and we are so glad to see it get smaller. This will open up the fields up top and allow us the room to build some new turn outs which is a long term goal out here - fingers crossed the sun stays out while he burns today!

Cookie, Finesse and Maia are preparing to go to the Gold Creek show this week with Caroline, Lisa, Aly and Danika - good luck to all of our Sundancers and for everyone not showing, make sure you come out to the show and support the cookie cause for Team Titan!!

Looking forward to some great summer horse shows!! See you all out at the barn!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunny Days!

The weather has suddenly turned amazing & we are all out loving that spring sun - at least while it lasts!

Sinatra has continued his new life out at the barn, &, as Danika is still without a girth (I've heard rumors of a bake sale at Gold Creek so make sure you come to the horse show hungry!), we have continued to work Sinatra/Titan (sorry Girls - I forgot!) on the line. This week he made amazing progress & started to get more comfortable working to the right as well as the left and even some consistent cantering on the line both directions. He has a way to go before he is truly soft & comfortable each way without having a wall to lean on, but we are really excited about his progress. AND his ground manners are AMAZING! He is no longer nibbling at us and has really taken to some "in-hand" halter type training - walking, backing, the whole thing -who knows, we may get really fancy & try a pivot next week! ;) We are also thinking about introducing a bridle into his lunging experience - we just need to get them smaller - he may have a big head, but it is still dainty compared to the critters out here!

In other barn news, all of the grass gates are open for May & the horses suddenly look a little chubby! But they are all enjoying their larger turn outs and have even had some "naked" days in the sun when we have been able to take blankets off during the day - hopefully you all have had a chance to come out & take your favorite equine for a grass walk - & I know Javier would love not having to mow the hill - a win-win for everyone!!

Gold Creek is coming up at the end of the month - if you are going, make sure those forms are done & turned in to Gold Creek or Katherine ASAP - need help - just ask!

Bainbridge is also coming up next month & we are excited to head over there - it'll be the 1st time the barn shows over there as a Team so we are looking forward to it!

Come on out & enjoy the weather while it lasts - I hear rumors of rain next week....!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Sinatra

Well, the new horse has arrived! Sinatra pulled into Sundance on that very chilly Sunday, and, even though we were afraid he wouldn't acclimate to being in a stall, he has settled in very nicely.