Saturday, September 4, 2010

We Did It!

Well, after months of prep work we loaded up the majority of the horses in the barn and headed out to The Evergreen Classic! With lots of riders and horses ready to go, we enjoyed a lot of great rides, good food (the breakfast sandwiches were a Chelsea favorite!) and fun! Thanks to everyone who came out, rode, played and cheered Team Sundance on during the week! Big thanks to Rory for bringing out his amazing wings for the aisle party and to Amy for the great pizza fest during the Hunter Derby!!  Special congratulations to Emma and Finesse on their Reserve Championship in the jumper ring - Good Job Ladies!!

This coming week we wind up our away show season with Octoberfest at Donida Farms in Auburn. If you aren't riding, head down to watch! We will have riders in both the hunter and jumper rings at this show as well and there will be lots to see. This show packs a lot of classes into 2 days and is a great wrap up for the bigger show circuit. After that we will return to Gold Creek - if you are interested in the September GCEC show make sure to sign up at the barn ASAP!

In other barn news, Pink arrived at the barn in August. Katherine has known Pink for years as she was Candy's horse and then Heidi's and she is now looking for a lease so she can stay at Sundance and play in the Pony Jumpers with Finesse. She is fast and fun and she has pitched in on some lessons as well as getting to play some with Vera as they test the waters for a potential half-lease. If anyone else is looking for a fun Pony Jumper, make sure to let us know!

Boo has graduated to being able to be outside for a bit - something we are all excited about for her! She is sharing a small space in the turnout field and slowly getting more time outside. She has been very good about it and we are delighted that she finally gets to be out of her stall a bit! Fingers crossed she continues on the road to recovery.

In sad barn news, Laura (Wally's Mom) moved to CA this month. But, on the bright side, Wally gets to stay with us and keep playing with Erica - we are so excited to get to keep Mr. Walter in the barn! We are looking forward to seeing him show at Octoberfest and planning on spoiling him rotten while his Mom is away!

All the horses are looking forward to getting their shots updated this month (well, maybe not looking forward to it!) and their teeth checked as well so we can start the Fall off on a nice healthy note! Make sure that your horse has the right clothing out at the barn (check with Staff) and take home any fly masks that you may have had out there - yep, summer is gone! This is also a great time to take home and wash all of your saddle pads!! If you don't want to wash them at home, the Blanket Express will take them for you so just leave them down at the barn - if you aren't sure how to get that done, check with us and we will get it together for you.

Looking forward to Octoberfest and Gold Creek this month! Good luck to All!!!

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