Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, it's COLD outside!

As we get ready to do another update, we look back on our past one and realize we were just entering the summer - getting ready for some nice rides in the sun and some great horse shows - well, it has been awhile as now, outside the window, it is a beautiful evening, but boy, is it chilly! Hopefully you all are staying bundled up at home and the barn!

Toby strutting his stuff at Thunderbird!
Sundance Horses and Riders continued to have a wonderful show season! Chelsea's Toby entered his first two Grand Prixs - placing 3rd at the Emerald horse show and going clean in the NW Autumn Finals with only a few time faults keeping him out of the ribbons. Baby Maia moved into the 1.15 division and participated in the Octoberfest Mini Prix with big brother - coming home, just behind Toby, in the ribbons and in the money! Both horses had a fantastic show season and are now spending the winter getting ready to head to Thermal, CA in February to start it all over again! Toby will head down South to Wilsonville, OR for a brief visit with George Morris this winter, so, if you haven't already made plans, now's the time to plan on coming down to see George in action. He is always educational (& funny - if you aren't riding!) to watch!

Avie and Ella went down to Emerald as well - Avie showing in his first show and both he and Ella moving into the 2'3" division. They were Champion (Ella) and Reserve (Avie) in the Young Hunter Series, and we couldn't have been happier with them. Ella continued to show at Evergreen and Monroe, and both horses went back to Donida for Octoberfest, where they continued to be wonderful! So wonderful, in fact, that Ella found a new home this Fall with Shelby and her parents. Shelby and Ella will continue to ride at Sundance during the winter while she figures out all the pony "buttons" and they find a barn closer to home - we are very excited that Ella has found such a nice new family! Now it's Avie's turn! If you know of anyone who is looking, please help us spread the word! Avie has come so far and is so easy to ride that he is a great candidate for someone looking for a big, beautiful gelding!

Phalcon and Aidan had the chance to get back to the shows at Emerald and Evergreen where they continued to work in the 3' and 3'3" ring. Phalcon will be heading to the Jeff Cook clinic (with Ella and Pink!) in November, so, if you can't make the George Morris clinic, this would be another great one to visit! It will be held at Woodside Stables November 17th & 18th and is a fun clinic to attend. Phalcon will also start looking for a new home next year, as Aidan prepares to go off to college. He is a brilliant hunter with a fantastic jump and we want to find him the very best in a new home, so please keep your ears open in case you hear of a good match. Phalcon has come from so far in his life with us and we all want him to be able to continue to shine in the show ring!

Toby 2 and Emily had the chance to show at Emerald as well - getting some 3' miles as well as Toby's first time in the 3'3" division - we enjoyed getting to work with them - minus the huge rain downpour we were all stuck in while riding! Yuck! Unfortunately, Toby was sidelined for Evergreen with a lameness issue, but seems to be back and ready to go, so we are excited to see them hit the show circuit again next year!

Simon continued to help with lessons as well as being "the one" for Christina and Emma. The 3 went to Octoberfest this year where they had a great time getting around over those hunter jumps and learning all about Equitation courses with tricky turns. It was fun to see them all get a chance to shine at the show - especially to see how pretty that big white horse can clean up - he's a looker when not covered in dirt! Unfortunately, Christina and Emma will be leaving us to move to OH in December, so Simon has found himself without a lease - if you know of anyone who is interested, please let us know as we would love to keep him around at the barn!

Ella and Zoe had the chance to do some showing this year on Pink and Finesse. Ella had the chance to move up into the .90's before the year was out and showed off her amazing bond with that fiery pony! We are excited for them to get the chance to ride in the Pony Jumpers next year - good luck to their competitors keeping up with that pair! Zoe had the chance to tackle her first "A" show starting up at Thunderbird this year and, along with Ella, came home Champion and Reserve for the week - pretty good start to their year! Zoe has also taken the reins of "Working Student" this year and worked long hours at the barn over the summer when not showing. She's been a great help and we have certainly appreciated her long hours this Fall as well.

We have also been lucky enough to have some more horses join the barn this Fall! We are excited to get to work with Kenzie and her horses Oz and Cash, Fiona and Jazz, Aliyah and Larry and Lizze and Nipper who will be joining us this week. We've also had a bunch of new lesson students join us as well, so we are working long, but fun, hours at the barn. We will be bringing in some portable stalls for behind the barn for the lesson horses to make sure everyone gets a chance to get in out of the rain. We have also started construction on two new paddocks up top by the parking lot. It is fun to watch all the new projects come together and we truly appreciate everyone who has worked so hard to make them happen.

In terms of Staff - Katherine and Chelsea are preparing for the Fall/Winter clinics, as well as getting some extra rides in with Jill during the week - keeping them sharp and those lessons tough during the winter! Don't worry, there will probably be lots of notes from the clinics as well! Both are looking forward to getting back to the show ring next year, but are enjoying some "down time" during the off season. Danika and Alex are working hard at home to keep ponies fit, happy and healthy. We are very excited to offer such a large staff to our clients to keep our lesson and ride schedule up and running without a hitch while we are away for anyone who isn't able to show or attend clinics - truly something for everyone!

We are coming up on the Year-End Award banquet for the WSHJA. Hopefully everyone has had the chance to double check their points for the year and send in any updates. We are excited to get the chance to dress up (ie: not wear barn clothes!) and pick up some pretty fun prizes. 2012 was another great year and we are proud and delighted to work with ALL of you!

We are also coming up on our year end Sundance Party! Make sure you bring out your perpetual award so we can get it engraved for the NEXT winner and if you have any video or photos you would like in the slideshow, make sure you get it to us ASAP. We would love to have photos of everyone, so make sure you get them in now!

We hope you were all able to participate in our Year-End Conferences. We really enjoyed the feedback and the chance to talk to everyone one on one - thank you for your time!! We are looking forward to another fantastic year in 2013 and are excited to have you all with us for the journey!

Stay warm and we will see you at the barn!