Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happiest of Holidays to you ALL!

Well, it hasn't been months and months, but we've still managed to be busy and then even busier since our last post!

We headed off to the Jeff Cook clinic in November with Ella and Pink and Katherine and Phalcon. Both of the horses were great and Ella was complimented by Jeff when he said she was "a good concentrater" . We came home with some great notes to work on and have been brushing up on some old notes as well. It is fun to see who remembers what from last winter.

After Jeff Cook, we headed down to Rich Feller's place to ride in the George Morris clinic. Toby was his usual great self - handling all of the large, scopey jumps that George put out, as well as the "circle of death". We were very proud to see a large group of Sundancers in the stands during the weekend clinic - all of whom took notes, stayed very quiet and even managed to get autographs from both George and Rich before heading home. It was a fun and educational weekend for everyone and we will be working on those notes as well this winter.

Lizzie and Nipper joined the barn as well and Cash found a new home this month and we are now eagerly awaiting Oz's return, so things have stayed busy out at the barn! The portable stalls are up and housing the lesson horses and Chelsea's kids, so everyone is getting a chance to stay out of the wet and chilly weather that has shown up this winter. We are delighted to get everyone under cover and appreciate all the hard work that went into making that happen in a timely manner!

Chelsea is back to body clipping as well, so the fur is truly flying - if anyone has any project for extra horse hair, just let us know!

We had the barn Holiday Party as well with Lizzie getting the bonus gift (it was a dust pan this year - how fun is that?). Zoe made sure to return the coin bank (Chelsea came home with that one) as well, but there were several very nice gifts as well - always a fun game! We appreciate all those nice gifts to offset the, er, quirkier ones! Emily and Ella were gifted with the Sportsmanship and Most Improved perpetual trophies (& movie tickets!) and Zoe, Ella, Danika and Chelsea all received some new Sundance Gear for all their hard work this year. Chelsea and Katherine were also gifted with some amazing holiday gifts from the clients. Both felt very touched to have been thought of so kindly. Chelsea is putting away all of her new horse goodies (and already wearing those new gloves!) and Katherine has already gone to Olson's to get fitted for her new boots! It will be a very fancy show season for them both - thank you again to everyone who participated - it means more than you know. And, for anyone that missed it, make sure you check out the year-end video - Rory has done another amazing job!

Chelsea and Toby - in the sun, earning their Championship!!

We are in full swing for "extra lesson December" as several of you are taking advantage of getting some extra lessons in during the Holiday Break. Ponies are also enjoying light days as we end the year (when not in those extra lessons!) and are getting prepared to head back to heavier work after the first of the year.

Thermal forms have been sent in and we are all signed up for the WSHJA awards banquet in January as well (hope you all have your tickets!). We are very pleased with how well the barn did this year, with a special nod to Chelsea and her kids. Chelsea and Toby are Champions in the Open 1.20 jumpers this year and she and Maia (who is currently for sale!!) are the Champions of the Open 1.10 division. Both of these divisions are quite large and difficult divisions to ride in so that makes her accomplishment even more exciting. We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to seeing her get her trophies this year - especially as they are being sponsored by Sundance! We are also proud of our little Finesse who placed in the 1.0 Open division as well as the Children's Jumpers 1.0 and 1.10 divisions  Both Danika and Chelsea rode her this year and did a fantastic job. Ella and Aidan are also joining us at the awards table with ribbons in the .90 Jumpers and the WSHJA Good Hands & Seat as well as the Pre-Greens - over all, a very nice year for everyone.

Sam will be coming out to adjust the horses this Sunday, so make sure you text us before heading out to the barn as your horse needs 24 hours before they are ridden after an adjustment. We also want to remind everyone that, in honor of the holidays, we will not be teaching or riding on 12/24,25,31 or 1/1 so Staff can spend time with their families as well. Please feel free to come out and play with your ponies on that day if you have the time.

We wish you all the best this season - we thank you for a wonderful 2012 and look forward to another great year in 2013!

See you at the barn!