Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey - what's the wet stuff in the sky??

Well, the rain returned and it was suddenly cold and wet after such a nice break, but, lucky us, today the sun is out again and the horses are all back out and soaking it up before it disappears!

In Sinatra/Titan news, he is doing great! The lunging is going really well, and, even though he is taking a week off to get some foot care done, we are impressed with what a fast learner he is - he will truly be a great little horse for someone wanting a buddy for anything! He was very soft - even at the canter - the last week and is understanding that the lunge line is a safe place, not a "run and pull" place - yay! Props to Chelsea and Danika for their time and patience while he works on new skills! I hear rumors of a girth coming his way and hopefully, after a very successful bake sale this weekend, maybe a small bridle in his future so he will be dressed and ready to go with his next steps - we are looking forward to doing some line work with him under saddle next!

For the rest of the barn, thanks to the sun, Barry is out chipping away at the massive burn pile out front! The pile has lived with us since the big storm a few years back and we are so glad to see it get smaller. This will open up the fields up top and allow us the room to build some new turn outs which is a long term goal out here - fingers crossed the sun stays out while he burns today!

Cookie, Finesse and Maia are preparing to go to the Gold Creek show this week with Caroline, Lisa, Aly and Danika - good luck to all of our Sundancers and for everyone not showing, make sure you come out to the show and support the cookie cause for Team Titan!!

Looking forward to some great summer horse shows!! See you all out at the barn!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunny Days!

The weather has suddenly turned amazing & we are all out loving that spring sun - at least while it lasts!

Sinatra has continued his new life out at the barn, &, as Danika is still without a girth (I've heard rumors of a bake sale at Gold Creek so make sure you come to the horse show hungry!), we have continued to work Sinatra/Titan (sorry Girls - I forgot!) on the line. This week he made amazing progress & started to get more comfortable working to the right as well as the left and even some consistent cantering on the line both directions. He has a way to go before he is truly soft & comfortable each way without having a wall to lean on, but we are really excited about his progress. AND his ground manners are AMAZING! He is no longer nibbling at us and has really taken to some "in-hand" halter type training - walking, backing, the whole thing -who knows, we may get really fancy & try a pivot next week! ;) We are also thinking about introducing a bridle into his lunging experience - we just need to get them smaller - he may have a big head, but it is still dainty compared to the critters out here!

In other barn news, all of the grass gates are open for May & the horses suddenly look a little chubby! But they are all enjoying their larger turn outs and have even had some "naked" days in the sun when we have been able to take blankets off during the day - hopefully you all have had a chance to come out & take your favorite equine for a grass walk - & I know Javier would love not having to mow the hill - a win-win for everyone!!

Gold Creek is coming up at the end of the month - if you are going, make sure those forms are done & turned in to Gold Creek or Katherine ASAP - need help - just ask!

Bainbridge is also coming up next month & we are excited to head over there - it'll be the 1st time the barn shows over there as a Team so we are looking forward to it!

Come on out & enjoy the weather while it lasts - I hear rumors of rain next week....!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Sinatra

Well, the new horse has arrived! Sinatra pulled into Sundance on that very chilly Sunday, and, even though we were afraid he wouldn't acclimate to being in a stall, he has settled in very nicely.