Thursday, June 3, 2010

Horse Shows are here!

It was cold, wet and rainy - but it was almost June - what else were we to expect at the Gold Creek Show on May 29th? Despite the wet weather, however, horses and riders had a good day - lots of horse show ups & downs, but a good time was had by all!

Chelsea's horse, Maia, proved to us all that she isn't just a silly baby, and she went out in her Walk/Trot classes with Danika and cleaned house! She was super cute as she trotted around and whinnied her concern at being alone, but not one bad horse moment out there and she won each class she was in and brought home the Championship for the day!

Cookie and Finesse were both fired up - yes, Cookie too! and they greeted the wet weather with enthusiasm! Both mares showed in the 2' division with Aly and Caroline who were moving up to this division for the first time. Both girls brought home some nice ribbons - a couple of firsts for Aly and some seconds for Caroline - and also learned some lessons about remembering your course and keeping that paint mare cantering ALL the way to the fences! But overall the girls did well and the horses had fun.

Lisa also showed at her first show, taking Cookie into the 2'3" division where they did everything from Hunter Hack, flat classes and Over Fences. Cookie, unlike her normal self, continued her speedy ways, but Lisa did a great job working on the walk in her flat classes and keeping Cookie organized for the jumping ones - they had a great first show and placed in all of their classes and, by the end of the day, Cookie remembered she had done this all before and was settled into her happy place - just in time to head home!

In other barn news, Sinatra/Titan has continued to enjoy his time off. He is so quiet you hardly know he is there sometimes and he is just waiting to get his feet trimmed so he is good to go. We are going to test him out on the line again and see if he is feeling 100% again. No new tack on the horizon yet as Danika wasn't able to show and sell cookies at the horse show BUT, Vera donated a bridle that we are going to try & see if it fits. Fingers crossed as it would be great to get to do something with that little guy! He also manged to tear up his sheet as well (it was just too big & finally got tangled) so he will have to add that to his growing shopping list. But otherwise, he is great - happy and hoping to get noticed out there so someone will give him a permanent home!

Barry continued to work on the  burn pile while it wasn't raining and, with that gone, we are hoping to finally spread the dirt up there by the parking lot. We know some kids will miss playing "King of the Hill" on it, but we are excited to see it go! One step closer to more turn out paddocks!

Bainbridge Island horse show is next week, and we are doing Thunderbird show forms this week so check your calendars and sign up to join us at a horse show! That is what summer is for after all!

See you all at the barn!!