Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well, the sun has kept shinning and even blessed us with a beautiful day for our annual work party - and what a lot what got done!! So many Sundancers came out and worked so hard that the barn pretty much sparkled with the extra attention! Jumps have been painted, the weeds are all off the hill, the wire has been re-strung, and five years of dust and disorderly have been swept away from the upstairs storage area - it's a whole new world out there! Thanks to all of you who came out and spent the day making YOUR barn the best barn in town!

Toby also joined the Sundance team this last month. He is Chelsea's new jumper horse and an adorable gentleman as well. We have been enjoying getting to know him and Maia and he are plotting all sorts of fun rides for Chelsea - as all good children do!

In other barn news, the Susie Hutchinson Clinic is coming up in November- if you want to ride or audit the clinic, touch base with us now as we have pricing and more details. Registration forms are due soon, so let us know if you'd like to spend your Thanksgiving weekend learning even more about your favorite sport! The winter is a great time to go and check these things out - make sure you get to at least one before show season starts!

The weather is beautiful, but chilly, and the horses are staying warm and dry with their sheets on full time now. We may look at warmer clothes next month depending on the weather trends - we will update everyone as we get closer to the end of the month.

On the horse front, everyone seems to be doing well. Mexico is getting the hang of her new home and has settled into the routine very nicely. Boo is about to graduate to full turn out this week and we are all super excited to see her get to be a "real" horse like the rest of her barn buddies. Pink wound up getting a great 1/2 lease with Elizabeth and her daughter Aly and is enjoying getting a little spoiled. She is still looking for someone to grab the other "1/2" so if you've been dying to lease a super cute pony, this is your chance! Titan/Sinatra continues his amazing riding routine - he is super quiet and is working hard toward becoming the perfect kids' horse in the future - hopefully he can find a fun home soon! The other horses are doing well - lots of flat work during the week now as we get ready for next season by staying in shape, keeping those legs strong and healthy, and challenging those horse minds with fun exercises for mind and body!

With November on the way, make sure to check with staff about some upcoming schedule changes for holidays and other staff events during the month and make sure to come on out & enjoy your clean and shinny barn!!

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