Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Sinatra

Well, the new horse has arrived! Sinatra pulled into Sundance on that very chilly Sunday, and, even though we were afraid he wouldn't acclimate to being in a stall, he has settled in very nicely.

The weather - as gross as it has been - didn't allow for any turnout time for a couple of days, but finally, taking advantage of a brief break, we were able to give him some outside play time as well. Again, to our surprise, he settled right into that as well - making some of our more "trained" horses look bad as he settled into his field without one worried whinny!

Sinatra has enjoyed lots of pets and treats and Danika and Chelsea are searching about for a new name - last I heard it was Titan - which suits his big personality which clearly doesn't fit into that tiny body! The Frank Sinatra reference was lost on this crowd - sorry Old Blue Eyes!

We've done some lunging with Titan/Sinatra & he knows how to go one way, but is a bit lost the other - that's OK - easy enough to fix with time & patience & he has proven to be one smart & fast learner so I predict fast progress on the line.

We've done some work with ground manners (a bit mouthy this one!) & we're hoping to ride him - one problem - none of our girths fit! So, we now have our first shopping list & at the top of that 1 size 40 girth!! If you have one to donate, bring it on out to the barn! We'd love to get on, but as Danika's saddle was slowly tipping off of him, we are just going to have to wait on some smaller tack!

In other barn news, we are getting ready for the May Gold Creek Show at the end of the month & for Bainbridge Island in June - should be fun! We are also fixing the board in the last grass field & soon Phalcon & Cookie can enjoy the bigger turn out like the rest of their barn buddies! Yay Spring!!

Keep bundling up when you head out to the barn as it is still chilly - but the sun is out today so it looks like a good day to go ride!

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