Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a Girth!

OK, yes, we went to a show and yes, it was super cool, BUT, the big news this week out at the barn is Titan (aka: Sinatra) finally has a girth to call his own!! Thanks to a wonderful donation from his friends at S.A.F.E., we were able to buy him a brand new girth. It is a size 38 - and yes, he probably could use a 36 depending on your saddle - but it fits and the saddles stay on and we are excited to actually get to see a person on his back. We've put him on the line with the saddle on to make sure it would stay in place (it did!) and yesterday, after a short lunge lesson, Danika stepped up into the irons for the first time. We did a nice lead line lesson with him and he was wonderful, so we are super excited to see what is next for our funny guy. Hopefully we get a chance now to put all those hours of getting him broke on the line to transfer to a happy and calm pony under saddle so he can find a wonderful kid to love him forever - needless to say we are excited to see how the next few weeks go for him!

As for the shows, we just returned from our last "away" show at Octoberfest and had a blast! The sun stayed out and the horses were great - including earning 4 Championships and 1 Reserve Championship at the show. Wally was great in his hunter classes - earning a Championship in the Pre-Green Division as well as a 3rd in the Hunter Derby and a 5th in the Open Working Hunter Classic. Nicholas and Finesse moved from the .75 jumpers to the .80 AND .85 jumpers and - outside of winning all their classes on Sunday - were Champions in BOTH divisions. It has been quite a year for those two as they have been Champions at every show they attended this year - wow! Chelsea and Farley had a good show as well, earning a Championship in the .95 division and a Reserve Championship in the 1.00 classes - lots of fun jumps and courses made for good days in the jumper rings for everyone.

Phalcon was hurt when he was lunging and had to sit the show out so we missed him and Aidan during the week, but it looks like he will be better soon and able to get back to work in order to be ready for next season. And Maia attended her very first "A" show and came out and schooled with the "big kids" - no bucking or bad behavior and some impressive jumping in the schooling ring as well made us all excited to see what she can do next season. Now she is preparing to go to Gold Creek and debut in the 2' division next weekend.

Dave and Marla returned with their horses and we got to enjoy some exciting rides with Clover and Webster as they tackled the challenging 1.00 courses - rocks, black and white checker jumps and some wacky turns out there. Overall it was a great show for them - with some good ribbons and even better rides throughout the weekend - and, as always, their great, smiling faces - no matter what! We have been excited to have them join the Team this season.

For everyone else, Gold Creek is next weekend! We are getting ready to show off some fun hunter rounds and take some newer clients to the show - make sure you all come out to partake of Danika's Titan fundraiser at the show! Now that she has a girth, she can look forward to filling out the rest of her wish list for Titan.

Vet day next week means up to date horses at the barn and a well deserved day off for all of our equine buddies on Monday. Make sure to come out and enjoy your horse and the sun while it is still here and stock up on some warm gloves and socks for the cold that is coming soon!!

See you all at the barn!

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  1. What a beautiful boy! Maybe in a year when my daughter is ready for her first pony Sinatra (sorry - I love that name!) will be ready for her. I just love that guy (I met him volunteering when he first went to S.A.F.E) and I'm so happy to see him in such a wonderful foster home!